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Welcome to Mi Flow

Mi Flow is a luxurious, sustainable and unique hotel concept in the region of Tarragona, Spain. Located in Miami Playa, on the beautiful beach of Playa Cristal. Mi Flow invites its guests to immerse themselves in a journey of personal growth and a healthy lifestyle.

About Mi Flow

What once started as a dream in the Netherlands became a reality in the summer of 2024. From a sandy plot to the realization of eight luxury villas and suites divided between the main building and garden. Each residence has its own parking space and private terrace to relax. The swimming pool and smoothie bar are in the shared courtyard garden. The sauna, massage room and ice baths are located on the lower outside floor over natural rock. For a yoga class or workout in the wooden gym, you are welcome to join us in the main building. Inspiring activities that promote health and vitality are offered. Mi Flow is more than just a holiday, it is a life-changing experience. You invest in your HEALTH, HAPPINESS and GROWTH. After a wonderful holiday, you go home with a suitcase full of profits.

With your wellfare in mind and as our valued guest, we would like to emphasise that Mi Flow is completely SMOKE-FREE. Through this choice, we aim to provide a healthy and pleasant atmosphere in which all of our guests can enjoy themselves to the fullest.


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At Mi Flow, hospitality goes beyond a simple welcome. It is a warm embrace of comfort and personal attention. Our motto, “mi casa es tu casa”, is brought to life in every detail of your stay. From a welcome drink to a handwritten message, tailored to make you feel at home.

Team Mi Flow

Our passion for hospitality is rooted in our own travel experiences. After years of visiting various hotels, we at Mi Flow have brought together all our discoveries and created what we consider the ideal retreat. In every aspect, from the thoughtful design and facilities offered to the carefully selected interior, we strive for what we ourselves would love most during a holiday.

Eric & Mirjam


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