In the hectic world of entrepreneurship, finding the right balance between work and health is often a challenge. Pursuing business success should not come at the expense of well-being. You increasingly see this for yourself, but how do you do it? Here are 5 tips to maintain balance as an entrepreneur.

Planning is the key
Start scheduling moments for relaxation: well-deserved holidays, sports activities, quality time with your partner, inspiring hobbies and that meeting with your friend that keeps getting postponed. Putting yourself first does not only boost your well-being, but it also results in increased effectiveness and success in your work performance.

Treat yourself with healthy food
Avoid energy dips during the day by choosing nutritious meals. Healthy nutrients help maintain balance between body and mind. Nutrition provides energy to your body, which is essential for optimal performance. Minimise consumption of sugars to keep your blood sugar stable, which keeps your energy levels consistent throughout the day. Which is exactly what you need. Striving for stable energy is key and eating healthy contributes to this.

Reflect regularly
Periodically evaluate your work-health balance. This is a valuable habit that offers deeper insights into your lifestyle. Adjust your strategies as needed and don’t be afraid to ask for advice if the balance is off. Balancing work and health is an ongoing process. By being aware of your own needs and applying these tips, you can not only achieve business success as an entrepreneur, but also live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Work breaks into your day
Give yourself space for short breaks during the day. You are not made to push hard all day. By taking a few minutes every hour for relaxation, you give yourself a chance to recharge regularly. However, avoid checking emails, messages and social media during these breaks, as this creates anxiety rather than calmness. Choose to move around; get up from your chair and enjoy a short walk in nature or visit a colleague for a chat. You could also do a five-minute Tabata workout to boost your energy. These intentional movement breaks contribute to your productivity, which results in better concentration and focus when you return to work.

Invest in self-development
Take time to develop yourself, both professionally or personally. Self-development is crucial for personal growth, self-awareness and increased self-confidence. By working on yourself, you contribute to creating a healthier world. You are a source of inspiration. This leads to greater fulfilment and balance in your life. Always surround yourself with people who are better than you and you will keep on learning. The fastest way to achieve what you want is to follow the example of successful people who have already achieved it.


Balancing work and health is a challenge in the times we live in today. A day has only 24 hours and your time is precious. Besides, it is also important to get enough hours of sleep to allow your body and mind to recover. This has always been a puzzle for me. The habit that has changed my life is starting the day with time for myself. I started with getting up ten minutes earlier to do a workout and now I have developed a morning routine that fits my life. Every morning, I take steps towards achieving my dream. Getting up earlier to get the most out of yourself creates Flow. The rest of the day follows this example.

Achieving success in any area of your life begins and ends with your health and energy – Hal Elrod

Could you use some advice on how to apply these tips?

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