You want to make a positive contribution to the future, just like us. At Mi Flow, we set high standards for sustainability and minimise our impact on the environment. Step by step, we reduce our ecological footprint.

How do we do this?

We have already taken a lot of steps

Energy label A

Aqua KM zero

Glass bottles of water

Solar control HR++ double glazing

Energy-efficient lighting 100% LED

Solar panels

Electric car charging points

Self-regulating ventilation and air-conditioning

Local food sources

À la carte instead of buffet

Real green

Waste sorting

Ecological spike mats

Insect hotel

Plant-based and refillable shampoo and soap


Our aim is to become a certified sustainable accommodation. We continue to take active steps in this direction.


What can you do?

Towel recycling

Saving water

Separating waste

Use your donated water bottle

Choose for a vegan or vegetarian breakfast

Skip a room cleaning and plant a free tree

Where hotel guests plant trees

We have started a partnership with Hotel for Trees to be part of this fantastic initiative.

How it works. If, as a guest of Mi Flow, you choose to skip the daily cleaning of your villa or suite, we will plant a tree on your behalf. How green is that? Together, we give nature a big boost. In doing so, we make a direct contribution to afforestation projects at home and abroad.

It’s great to involve you in our sustainable ambitions in this way. While you enjoy your stay, you compensate part of your travel. A greener, healthier world starts with yourself.

Do you wish to plant a tree?

Book your stay and contribute to a greener world too!

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