Our story

From the age of 30, Mirjam fostered a determined wish to start her own business at 40, without knowing exactly yet what type of business it would be. The answer to this question unfolded simply by getting up ten minutes earlier. This decision marked the beginning of her journey to vitality, and thus her entire family’s life took a new direction.


My journey to vitality

I was at a stage in life where I wondered “is this it?”. A call for adventure led me to want to live the most beautiful life and become the best version of myself. A healthy lifestyle starts with taking responsibility and time for yourself, but where did I find that time? Surprisingly, mornings turned out to be the solution, courtesy of the book “Dear Good Morning”. Although I was really not a morning person, I started by setting my alarm ten minutes earlier to do a workout. This resulted in feeling fulfilled and energised that lasted for the rest of the day.


Building on this positive experience, I decided to get up another five minutes earlier to quietly read the book “Restore Your Hormones”. This reading period enriched my mornings and inspired me to apply what I learned in my daily life, leading to a better balance of hormones through adjustments in my diet. This was interesting and several studies in nutrition and lifestyle followed.


During my training as a Oersterk Master Coach, I discovered the essential connection between body and mind, which for me turned out to be the key to health and happiness. I wanted to not only understand this insight, but also experience it myself. After reading “Miracle Morning”, I integrated meditation, visualisation and positive affirmations into my morning routine. Getting up 15 minutes earlier soon became half an hour, and what a delight that extra time to myself was. I felt like I was ahead of the world, four steps ahead of everyone else. My energy, vitality and confidence increased and I shared this positive vibe with my family. It proved contagious! Even my teenage daughter started embracing her own morning routine.


Ten years ago, we became enchanted by Miami Playa and almost every holiday we chose to spend it here. It is an oasis of relaxation, a place to catch your breath and be aware. The sound of the sea, the extensive sandy beach and the endless blue sky create a harmonious flow in which we connect with nature. The corona period brought us the realisation that we are responsible for our own health and vitality. During conversations about our dreams, we discovered that our family was ready for a big step. In July 2022, we took the plunge, from the Netherlands to Spain. We followed our hearts and now experience that we are in the right place in our lives.


A new challenge called out, an opportunity to join forces. The desire to constantly grow and develop gives us joy. My dream of turning my passion for health and vitality into work found a perfect match with Eric’s expertise in design and construction. Add to that our shared love of interior design and the idea for a hotel with a unique concept was born. When we discovered a location with the most enchanting views in Miami Playa, we decided to make my dream come true together. This hotel concept is exactly what the world needs right now.


Building a hotel in a new country proved more challenging than expected. Although we were prepared, we were tested on several fronts. We found ourselves on a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows. It was my morning routine that allowed me to handle stress and see situations from different perspectives. It brought calmness in difficult times. Every morning meant a fresh start; I looked at the mood board and visualised how I would feel when the hotel was finished. By thinking positively, we saw problems as issues we could solve. This opened up new possibilities on our life path.



The timing of my training as a Wim Hof instructor turned out to be perfect. The breathing exercises and cold training gave me the confidence to believe you can achieve anything. After an ice bath, you feel like a superhero. This experience taught me to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations and proved that you can do more than you ever imagined. This powerful mindset proved invaluable, especially during the moments when we considered quitting construction. However, pausing together proved to be the key to resilience. The realisation that nothing or no one can stop us grew in those moments of reflection. The belief that anything is possible and perseverance without giving up brought the right people our way. Celebrating small successes proved a crucial step, knowing that they would eventually lead to large-scale success. The strength I drew from the Wim Hof method proved to be not only personal but also a guide to overcoming construction challenges.


Now, a little past 40, I am materializing my dream with my family – all by getting up ten minutes earlier. Contributing to a healthier world fills me with gratitude. The best thing you can do for the world is to become the best version of yourself. My mission, in addition to a wonderful stay at Mi Flow, is to inspire and let you experience how wonderful starting each morning with time for yourself is, through a morning routine that fits your life. Discover the positive changes and you’ll never want to be without it again. I grant this to everyone. A staircase with 1,000 steps starts with the first step. Even if you are already a morning person, Mi Flow is where you want to be. Together, we get up earlier, catch the morning and enjoy. Morning people among ourselves, all motivated to make the most of life. Our journey has just begun.
We are on our way. Will you journey with us?

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