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At Mi Flow, we aim to offer you a holistic wellness experience, with every aspect of your stay focused on promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From relaxation to exercise and healthy diet to individual counselling. We encourage you to push your limits, which is precisely where the key to personal development and growth lies. All with the aim of inspiring and supporting you in your journey to vitality.

Take time for yourself and find your inner power


Breathwork involves becoming aware of breathing and using it as a tool for self-discovery and healing. Breathe in the sea air and breathe out the stress.


Yoga, an ancient practice, promotes inner peace, strength and flexibility through controlled movements and breathing. Balance your body and mind.


Will you work up a sweat in the gym or opt for a guided group class? A workout improves your physical health and boosts your mental well-being.


Relax in the infrared sauna with breathtaking sea views. Feel the tension slip away from you and enjoy this moment, together or alone.


Ice bath

Get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in an ice bath. Supervised and combined with a Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop.


In our range of massages, we recognise the uniqueness of each individual. From a soothing Balinese massage to a sport massage, you decide.

Natural Food

Food is medicine, and health is wealth. Be surprised and enjoy the gluten- and lactose-free dishes on our colourful brunch menu. Nourish your body and mind.

Your Morning Flow

Experience various exercises to create your morning routine. From meditation to reciting positive affirmations and from visualisation to a short workout.

Private coaching

You can visit Mirjam’s practice for a customised morning routine, supplementation and nutritional advice and testing, including omega 3. Limited space!


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While filling in my nutrition plan, things already caught my eye. Mirjam asked enlightening and in-depth questions that prompted reflection and awareness. She was able to give clear and straightforward information and explanations about the different types of food and what they are good for. At the end of the advice, I immediately had some useful tips that I could start working on. The advice was clear, well-organised and practical. Very nice that it contains examples of, for example, healthy fats. The recipes are a valuable addition. The explanations accompanying the advice were enlightening and confronting, especially the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Mirjam clearly explained how she arrived at this advice and what changes I can make. Especially as these are practical and achievable changes, they are immediately applicable.

Laura P.



One more round of breathing and then THE ice bath. I was looking forward to it. We quickly figured out who would go first. It was amazing how Mirjam guided us through the whole experience. The way she showed us how to move but also stayed super calm and reassured me with a relaxed and calm voice really helped me to surrender to the cold. Afterwards I felt like superwoman. I could scream off the roof tops and almost wanted to jump back in the ice bath. Such a great experience! After doing the horse stance while high fiving the others in a circle, I felt so blessed and thankful that I could do this with my sweet friends, in such a stunning location with such good support from Mirjam. Thank you for giving me an amazing experience that I will NEVER forget!

Chantal B.