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Your morning flow

Vitality starts in the morning. Mi Flow invites its guests to immerse themselves in a journey of personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. We embrace the ideal time of the morning, where our guests can take time for themselves. This lays the foundation for a relaxing day together with their partner.

Origin of Your Morning Flow

Mirjam, the foundress of Mi Flow, is a big fan of morning routines. For her, starting the day with time for yourself is key to getting started on her dreams. For this, she likes to get up earlier.

“Never expected me to become a morning person. It started with getting up 10 minutes earlier, but it completely changed my life. I was at a stage where I wondered “is this all?”. A call for adventure led me to create the most beautiful life and become the best version of myself. It took time to discover where I could find time for myself and surprisingly, morning turned out to be the solution. By getting up earlier, I developed a morning routine that suits me. As a result, I get so much more out of my life, approaching each day full of energy and focus. It’s a powerful start that opens doors to a healthier, happier and more successful version of myself. In fact, I dare say Mi Flow would not exist without my morning routine. It creates Flow, Mi Morning Flow.

My mission, in addition to a wonderful stay at Mi Flow, is to inspire you and let you experience how wonderful starting each morning with time for yourself is through a morning routine that fits your life.”


Read below how the Flow Guide supports you in this.

Flow guide

Now is your time!

Don’t have time for yourself?
You’re too busy for that?
Is your day over before you realise it?


Experience at Mi Flow how you too can succeed.
You can also become the best version of yourself.
Create Your Morning Flow here and stay In Flow back home.
For a healthier, happier and more successful life.


On arrival, the Flow Guide will be waiting for you.
Based on six pillars, you can discover which morning routine suits you.
Step by step. The most important thing is that it feels right for you.
Because that is also an indispensable part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle and vitality.


Every morning we offer you a diverse selection to motivate and inspire you.
With enthusiasm and dedication, you will be encouraged to pursue personal growth.
For individual coaching, you can visit Mirjam in her practice space,
where she will create a customised morning routine together with you.


Do you already jump out of bed energetically every morning to get started on your goals and dreams? Then Mi Flow is the place for you too, together we get up earlier.
Morning people among themselves. Check out our offer and choose which new challenge you want to take on.


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